Depression is more than just feeling sad for hours or a few days. It’s a feeling of ‘the blues’ or hopelessness that makes it hard to get through the day.

You may be depressed if you:

Have felt sad for a long time.

Do not enjoy things that you used to

Sleep more or less than usual

Had a change in your appetite causing you to lose weight or gain weight.

Thought about death or killing yourself.

Your doctor wants to help you with your depressions!

Depression is very serious.

Your depression can also be painful for your friends and family members.

If you like hurting yourself, call 911!

What I can do for my depression?

Get help.

Talk with a counselor, a friend or someone in your place of worship.

Exercise or walk every day.

Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol;

Make an appointment with your doctor’s office or clinic.

If you are given medicine:

Take the medicine every day. It can take several weeks for the medicine to work.

Even if you are feeling better, do not stop taking your medicine.

Sometimes you may need two medicines.

Reference: Heath TiPS from the ACP Foundation. American College of Physicians. Internal Medicine.

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