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Difficulty Conceiving? Infertility Diagnosis

Many couples dream of having children – some day. The trouble is, more and more couples are delaying childbirth, so that today one out of every six couples struggle with infertility. It is important for woman over the age of 35 to seek help if they cannot conceive after 6 months of trying. A women’s fertility potential is highest between ages 18 and 30, and declines rapidly after age 35 so that by age 40, it is very difficult for her to conceive even with assistance.

Both partners should be evaluated since in 40 percent of cases, infertility is caused by poor sperm count or quality. In the woman, problems with ovulation are common, as suggested by a history of irregular or shortened cycles. Problems with the fallopian tubes, uterine cavity, or cervix could contribute to infertility as well. Sonograms and/or hysterosalpingogram or HSG), a dye test, are used to evaluate the tubes and uterine cavity for infertility causes.

We are happy to provide basic infertility care to our patients in need of assistance in achieving fertility. After testing both the patient and their partner, our office provides ovulation assistance. Your chances of conceiving may be improved with oral medications, follicle sonograms, injections and timed laboratory.

Please call our office to schedule your family planning visit.

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