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Fertility Status

With state of the art equipment, and highly trained staff, we are proud to offer many in office services. Our patients enjoy the ease and convenience of making appointments for many procedures right in our own office. We provide in office treatment for abnormal pap smears, convenient in-office sonograms (GYN), and other superior clinical services to our patients.

*Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

*Hormone Testing and Hormone Balance

*PMS and Hormone Imbalance



*3D/4D Ultrasound

*Infertility Testing & Treatment

*Osteoporosis Testing and Treatment


*Vaginal & Supracervical Hysterectomy

*Total Laproscopic Hysterectomy

*In office Endometrial Ablation

*In office Essure For Birth Control

*Abnormal Pap Smears (Colposcopy)

*LEEP Procedure

*Adolescent Gynecology

*Contraception and Family Planning

*Gardisil (HPV) Vaccine

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  • 1 Log in with your user name (email address) and password (hit Change/reset password link to create a password for your account. Do not register for an account, this will create a duplicate)
  • 2 Under personal information, select "additional content". Under Reports and Tools click view Recent Test Results to see a digital copy of your lab results.
  • 3 Select the message icon in the header to access messaging.
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