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Dr. Alan Cowen and Dr. Kerry Neal are happy to provide your obstetric care at our office. We offer both high risk and low risk prental care. We deliver all of our babies at Baylor Regional Medical Center, Grapevine.

We now Perform 3D/4D Sonograms for our OB patients!

*20 minute session
*DVD of session
*CD with images
*8 printed images


We contact your insurance company once you have visited our office confirming that you are pregnant. We verify your benefits, and determine your out of pocket medical expenses to our office. We recommend you contact your insurance company as well, so you can be prepared for the out of pocket costs associated with your pregnancy. The code for your pregnancy/delivery is 59400 – vaginal delivery or 59510 – c section delivery. This does not include a tubal ligation, or the assistant surgeon fees which are coded separately.

We bill our services for your pregnancy globally, which means that we bill for our services related to your office visits, the delivery and postpartum care AFTER your delivery. The exception to this is sonograms and lab services. Sonograms and lab tests are billed by us and the lab (Quest, Labcorp, Ameripath…) when they are performed. This can be confusing, because you will be paying us your estimated fees, but they will not be credited on statements you receive from your insurance company. Save all your receipts from our office documenting your payments, or we can provide you with a summary of your payments. Our charges will go in to your insurance company AFTER you have delivered, and if there is a small balance or refund, we will notify you after your claim has been paid to our office. We generally submit charges the week of your delivery, and wait 30-45 days for your insurance company to pay your claim. Please notify your insurance company after your delivery as required by them to facilitate the claims process.

We calculate your out of pocket expenses to our office, and give you a written estimate of what we calculate these expense to be. We collect our portion of your out of pocket expenses by your 6th month of pregnancy. We have a convenient online bill pay option, or accept check, mastercard or visa.

Your pregnancy and delivery will create other expenses outside our office that you will be responsible for. These include, but are not limited to, the lab (Quest or Labcorp), the hospital (Baylor Grapevine), anesthesia (Pinnacle Anesthesia) and your pediatrician. You can contact them to get estimates on out of pocket expenses they will bill for in relationship to your pregnancy.

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