Post Operative Instructions for Ablation, D&C

You have just had a procedure called a Hysteroscopy, D&C, or Endometrial Ablation with or without biopsy or removal of tissue from the uterus. Now that your procedure is over, you may eat or drink anything you like. Take it easy for the next 48 hours. Most women find it best to avoid strenuous activities; be guided by how you feel. It is important that you read over these instructions and follow them to the letter. Do not hesitate to call us if you are having a problem.


1. Use sanitary pads only — NO TAMPONS– for one week.
2. Do not have intercourse or douche for one week.
3. Take showers only. No tub baths for one week.
4. You will likely experience cramps for which you can take Advil, 2 pills every 4 hours as needed or a pain prescription that was given to you.
5. Bleeding is unpredictable after these procedures. Small clots and bits of tissue are normal. Brown discharge is normal as is bleeding off and on for several days or even weeks. Some women will not bleed at all which is normal.
6. After an ablation, you may expect discharge for 3-4 weeks.
7. It is important that a follow up visit be scheduled for 2 weeks after your procedure. Please call our office as soon possible to schedule this appointment. Any tissue removed during your surgical procedure will be sent to pathology for analysis. These results will be discussed with you at your 2 week post operative appointment.


1. Your bleeding is very heavy, i.e. heavier than the heaviest day of your menses.

2. Your temperature is 100 degrees for two days in a row or greater than 100.4 at any time.

3. You have a foul smelling discharge.

4. You have severe pain, unlike menstrual cramps.

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