Post Operative Instructions for Laparoscopy

You have just had a procedure called laparoscopy. This is usually performed for sterilization, diagnostic purposes, treatment of endometriosis, treatment of adhesions, treatment of ectopic pregnancy, treatment of ovarian cysts, and many other conditions as well. What was done to you, how many incisions you have and how fast you will recover, depends on what exactly was done inside your body. Sterilization procedures usually will heal quite a bit faster than other procedures. You should limit your activities for the next 48 hours. Do no strenuous activities for the next 10 days.


1. You will have one or more incisions. Keep the dressings clean and dry. You may change them as often as you like. You may keep your incisions uncovered after 24 hours.

2. SHOWERS ONLY. No baths or soaking the incision for the next 2 weeks. If your incision gets wet in the shower, pat them dry when you get out.

3. You may have vaginal bleeding. This is normal.

4. You will likely have some abdominal pain for which a pain prescription has been given to you.

5. Neck and shoulder pain is common after laparoscopy. In some patients, this is worse than their abdominal pain. This is normal and is best treated with Advil, 3 pills every 6 hours. If you are unable to take Advil medications, take your pain pills. This will usually go away in 24 hours or so, with or without treatment.

6. You may eat and drink as you please.

7. Take your usual medications that have been prescribed (such as blood pressure pills, etc).

8. No intercourse for one week.

9. Sanitary pads only, no tampons for one week.

10. Do not drive for at least 24 hours. You should not drive until you are off narcotic pain medications and you feel well enough to safely operate your vehicle.

11. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT A TWO WEEK FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT IS MADE AND KEPT. Please call our office to schedule this appointment as soon as possible.


1. Your temperature is greater than 100.4 degrees.

2. Your pain is severe and not controlled with pain pills.

3. Your incisions are bleeding excessively. Note that bruising and light drainage is normal.

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